Introduction: Michael Kors Outlet (Mike Coles) 2014 spring and summer series of shoes with the same quarter Online bags compared though not amazing attractive, but the same leisurely wear real good-looking, with soft indifferent urban fashion style. Fashion is not necessarily need everyday "shocked", like this casual and comfortable manner more in line with the trend of fashionable women's pursuit.
Michael Kors Online highlights a big show of 2014 New York fashion week has finally arrived in anticipation, the runway models clothing to see people see things in a blur, shows the front stars is also a big coffee together, each big winner Oscar, well-known actor, model and fashion circles are there to support, following up and have a look.
Black Wang Luodan led the Michael Kors Handbags in front of the guests
Wang Luodan, a Michael Kors 2014 spring and summer series of leather skirt, with high heels and Michael Kors 2014 spring and summer series of coat, temperament elegant fresh.
Black Wang Luodan led the Michael Kors in front of the guests
Gossip girl Black Lively (Blake Lively) a Michael Kors spring summer 2014 Michael Kors Outlet fashion week in New York Michael Kors winter series front.

New York fashion week highlight Michael Kors big show performed as scheduled, the new series of USA veteran designer Michael Kors uses a large number of wool, chiffon, knitting and fur, modeling both tough and elegant. The point is, in a few degrees below zero in New York, Michael Kors the runway models dressed than watching the show the influx of people more than.
Winter 2014 New York fashion week -- Michael Kors Outlet (Michael Kors) FALL 2014 RTW
Michael Kors of the show is the highlight of New York fashion week, the Michael Kors has a lot of cashmere coats, sweaters and chiffon 2014 autumn and winter series fold put look, New York cold winter, what is there than the coat with fur scarf more real?
Winter 2014 New York fashion week -- Michael Kors Outlet (Michael Kors) FALL 2014 RTW
With thin chiffon and thick wool and fur of this series is the key point, the material mix fully demonstrated New York female spirit, the appearance of a strong, heart however very feminine.
Michael Kors Factory Outlet and Gwyneth Paltrow signed a series of finally! This series has more than clothing, also indispensable accessories, are Michale Kors specially for the famous actress tailored. The original Gwyneth are Michael Kors Online loyal fans, the joint launch of clothing, is a memorial to those timeless classic. From the series in addition to black ash Coffee color no extra colors, fully meet the urban Gwyneth personal brand female chic, busy, personality traits. The most like grey cashmere shawls series, without any decoration can work with any other. The series will be available on the Gwyneth Paltrow website Goop.
As one of the most famous fashion designer American -- Michael Kors (Michael Kors Outlet) released in 2013 brand series of autumn and winter shoes. The new series of shoes clean atmosphere, and without losing the elegant luxury. Each fascinating!