Michael Kors (Cheap Michael Kors) deserves to be called the most know the women designers, 2014 spring and summer series of bags each stylish, beautiful and practical, full of exquisite sense of urban. This series consists of 40's and 70's style, retro style played very softly, a sense of motion coexist and romantic temperament, is really a woman gun shot in the heart!
Michael Kors (Cheap Michael Kors) America famous clothing designers, have their own name brand clothing. He is a minimalist design style, simple and clear, like to use advanced fabric sewing clothing, cashmere knitwear is his masterpiece. He is good at designing luxury sportswear, is a not from reality fantasy, love Paris New York person, he shall strike out design, won the world. In addition to focus on brand, now won the Emmy nominated reality show Project Runway is often a review. In addition, for the fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar journal.
Core tip: it is reported, Haiyin another city B block, to put into use at the beginning of this year, the first layer is introduced including Max Mara, Escada, Michael Kors and other 3 enterprises brand discount store, two floor also has 4 brand; insider, years of another international famous luxury Michael kors handbags brand discount store will also be settled down B block.
Recently, Bain's partner Bruno said, 2013 China mainland luxury market growth slowed down further, only increased 2%, most luxury Michael kors handbags outlet brands comparable store sales and customer traffic are decreased, but the light luxury Michael kors handbags brands, it is the opportunity to attack cities and capture territories.
The reporter learns from another city guangzhou panyu Yin, U.S. light luxury brand Cheap Michael Kors of south China area first discount will today (March 26) B mall. According to the relevant person in charge of another city Yin, the store directly by MK company, product design is the latest even there are seasonal goods, but the price is attracted, "discount store opening day will be full 5 fold to 7 fold preferential, leather wallet as low as 960 yuan, leather bag the lowest 1380 yuan." New express the reporter understands, Michael Kors light as a luxury brand flagship American leisure style, the target group is relatively young.
Another city block B, Yin earlier this year after put into use, the first introduction including Max Mara, Escada and Michael Kors three brand discount store, the second floor has four brand; Have, according to people familiar with the years, another international luxury Cheap Michael Kors brand discount store will also be in B.
Content: long light department MICHAEL KORS counters, Dec. 4 to December 15 during single buy original goods up to RMB 4000 received a limited edition of small wrist package, December 7-8 during single buy original goods up to RMB 8000 received limited edition pack a large wrist. Gifts have, limited number, give up.
Michael kors MK Michael kors handbags outlet counter/mike coles Selma large medium small leather handbag Probably price how many act as purchasing agency which bought the cheapest to really!
What do you mean? Selma w have a lot of style! In addition to the Satchel and Selma Messenger! Website search only to large, medium and small size only Selma Messenger. In addition to the pictures of these three and snakeskin grain, $498.
The brand of Michael kors bags are sold in tianjin?
Michael kors bag us a discount? How to distinguish authenticity?
America's official website is not a discount, but there will be a lot of mall lets you choose, such as saks, nordstorm, neiman, and macys dillards, like the recent eleven, these large shopping mall stores and shop are on sale, 278 bags straight down to 166. I pay close attention to for a long time, but the discount information just put on a nice bag is out of stock in 5 minutes, have to I phone to customer service to help me find, finally the goods from Los Angeles.
In general, Cheap Michael Kors sales channels is very wide, and will cooperate with merchants activities occur off from 10% to 60% off discount. Have the opportunity to go to the outlet, will find cheaper to you want to cry.
Cheap Michael Kors bags because of the many domestic OEM factory, and not a line, so the details will be there is unsatisfactory, so it is difficult to distinguish true and false. My personal method to distinguish the true and false, it is to see the simple sense of 5 gold accessories, 2 it is to see cut suture, especially neri, three color purity, this usually only familiar with a brand expert to tell, and packaging, medium brand, such as MK and Kate Spade bags also can winnow work.